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2019 Ecoscore scheme appraisal

Still improving!

We took the opportunity to carry out some appraisals at the start of 2020.

As set out in our CSR Report, the Ecoscore rating of our drivers is an indicator, to which pay close attention.

At its launch in 2015, we had a Group average of 7.3/10.

Now, 17 out of the 23 participating agencies have a score above 8/10. All our agencies and drivers have made progress over the last few years and we had a rather good Group average in 2019 of 8.1/10.

Frigo Transports 17 at Sainte-Soulle and Frigo Transports 21 at Beaune came top of the class in this 2019 Ecoscore appraisal. Bretagne Transports 56 came just below in third place.

As for our drivers, the best score of the year was achieved by an employee of Frigo Transports 11 with 9.9/10. Proving that nothing is impossible!

Optifuel Challenge

An app is being tested by Renault Trucks.

Renault Trucks is developing a smartphone app that will be available this year to all drivers. We have been given the opportunity to test it now on our D’livery pads and to help improve it prior to it being made available on the market.

This app will have the big advantage of making it possible to consult your Ecoscore score at any time in real time and therefore to pay closer attention to it. It will also be a progress tool for all those seeking to further improve on a daily basis.

Still on Renault Trucks, the year has also been punctuated by the involvement of several drivers in their Optifuel Challenge. There too, we have seen great result, with some employees nearly making it to the 2019 grand final. We have all been proudly following them over the months at the top of the national rankings.


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