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AYOPA by Delanchy, Presentation at SOLUTRANS show

Cyclologistics is on the move!


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At the SOLUTRANS trade fair in Lyon, AYOPA by Delanchy presented its multimodal delivery solution, combining conventional transport and electric cargo bikes

AYOPA by Delanchy has chosen to combine a number of innovations to create an innovative service: a passive refrigeration system (which was optimised during the COVID crisis to enable vaccines to be stored and transported), a bicycle coupling system for greater flexibility, and the “mini-containerisation” concept, which is an adaptation of maritime container logistics.


Team Ayopa

Simon PARAMANANDA, CEO in charge of development – Camel AMZAL, Deputy CEO – Mathieu AL MOUSLI, CEO in charge of operations


As well as offering a low-carbon solution, AYOPA by Delanchy delivers 4 times faster than light or heavy goods vehicles in areas where road traffic is saturated. The “ZFE” or the most difficult areas to access (and to park in) are also no longer a problem.


Stand Solutrans

The AYOPA by Delanchy stand at SOLUTRANS.


The logistics plan is based on upstream preparation on Delanchy platforms to ensure that there is no break in the load until it reaches the recipient. The cold chain is perfectly assured thanks to a passive cooling system integrated into the containers to maintain temperatures during deliveries.


Piste Essai Solutrans

 The cargo bike / box trailer combination being tested on the SOLUTRANS track.  


It’s also worth noting that, as with the group’s HGV drivers, AYOPA by Delanchy’s delivery drivers are salaried employees and therefore receive training. “By raising awareness of food safety rules and road safety, we are not only ensuring customer service, but also prioritising the development and health of our employees”.


AYOPA by Delanchy already means :

  • More than 70,000 fresh deliveries
  • 99% compliant delivery rate
  • Paris and Lyon already served and several major cities to be deployed by 2024


Another link in the Delanchy transport-logistics chain and another step forward in decarbonising transport.


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Leek is chic!



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