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DELANCHY and INDO, a shared future

On 30 November, DELANCHY officially acquired a stake in the Spanish company INDO.

This merger between two leading seafood companies will enable Delanchy to continue developing its European network.

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Based in Orio and Ondarroa in the Basque Country, INDO operates throughout the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal), and also provides groupage services to France via DELANCHY with lines to Brittany. A partnership that has lasted several years is now leading to a merger between the two companies.


Brigitte Delanchy

“We’re delighted to be part of this adventure and to be able to write history together. We’re continuing to expand our network across Europe, but above all we’re delighted with this merger, which is marked by shared values.

Jose Maria Indo

“We believe that with the integration of our company into the Group, the collaboration between our two companies will be even closer than before, making us even more competitive”.


With 4 family shareholders (Jose Maria, Ramon, Aitor and Jesus Maria Indo), INDO remains the majority shareholder after the arrival of DELANCHY.



Indo Delanchy Signature 30 11 2023 Copie

 From left to right: Jesus Maria Indo, Brigitte Delanchy, José Maria Indo, Frédéric Delanchy, Christophe Milou



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